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2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild

2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild

2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild

Follow this blog to see our 2013 Corvette Grand Sport, that was involved in a light fresh water flood, be fully rebuilt and inspected by the sate of Ohio to eventually be offered for sale.

We received this Grand Sport Corvette after it had been involved in a light fresh water flood. As stated this was a fresh water flood, and the water line was very low and did did not raise higher than a few inches off of the floor pans of the car. We here at Cleveland Power and Performance do not rebuild many flood vehicles, but if they are cars that deserve a second chance on the road we will fix them, and fix them the RIGHT way.

Here are a few photos showing this Grand Sport as we received it.

As you can see from the pictures, the exterior of this car is in excellent shape and it is painted the beautiful “Berlin Blue Metallic”.

As with any flood car that we receive, we rack the car on a lift to drain the fluids to inspect for any water contamination. The engine oil, trans fluid, and differential fluid all showed clean, clear and free of water. The car was then filled with new fresh fluids.

There are some misconceptions when it comes to floods, but if the car is repaired properly a flood car can be rebuilt and driven for countless enjoyable miles. The rebuild process is also much easier when the vehicle is was a fresh water flood as opposed to a salt water flood. A heavy saltwater flood car can be a nightmare. The saltwater can wreak absolute havoc on the electronics of a vehicle. Here is the interior of our fresh water flood next to a picture of a saltwater flooded Vette showing the difference.

Luckily for us and the car, the water level was very low and did not rise above the seat tracks. That means the there was no water contamination in any of the drive line or drive train. Check out this photo showing that the water line was very low, and that the water did not even make it half way up the tunnel.

corvette grand sport



Here are some pictures showing the interior and underhood the Corvette as we received it. As you can see, the interior did not suffer any major water damage, nor did the engine compartment.


Once we got the Corvette inside the shop and drained all of the fluids, it was time to remove the interior. This allows us to really access any damage caused by the water entering the car and to see what parts were reusable. Unlike some shops, we will strip a flood car down to the bare floor pans to make sure she will be as dry as a bone, after a through disinfection and cleaning of course. Here are some shots of the interior removed from the Vette.

We laid the interior out to allow it to dry completely and continued stripping the car. We now had a chance to see what parts needed to be replaced. The only parts that we were not comfortable reinstalling in this car were the seat motors, front carpet sections and factory radio amplifier. All were swapped out from a non flooded donor Corvette. We also purchased new seat belt pre-tensioners as a safety precaution as the originals get wet in the flood. Here is the interior out and drying.

grand sport interior

After stripping the interior, the body harness was removed in order to be soda blasted to insure that it was thoroughly cleaned and that all water was removed. We also used disinfectant cleaner to scrub and clean the floor pans eliminating the chance of any foul smell occurring.


With the interior out, we had the opportunity to replace the seat motors, source a clean carpet and thoroughly clean the body harness. After the floor pan area was nice and dry, it was time for the interior to go back in the vehicle.

The harness, dash components, and carpet were the first parts to be reinstalled in the Vette. Next came the door panels and seats. Everything that went back into this Corvette was extremely clean, and retested for full functionality. This car received just about the most through detailing that a car could get. Here are some shots of the car with the interior fully installed.

This Corvette is now fully reassembled and has had several hundred test miles put on it. She is running like a top and ZERO issues has popped up since she has been buttoned up. She will be offered for sale shortly. Here are some photos showing the finished product of this 2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild


We here at Cleveland Power and Performance insist of fixing our vehicles the PROPER way and offering any potential customer a slew of pictures and info on the rebuild process. We have built our reputation on being honest and providing an excellent product.

If you have any questions about this vehicle, or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-236-5031.

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