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Our History

Cleveland Pick-A-Part to Cleveland Power & Performance: 

Classic Muscle to Contemporary Style

Founded in 1986, Cleveland Pick-A-Part began as a salvage yard and late model parts provider. Owner “Big Rick” Fragnoli purchased an ailing salvage yard – risking the ire of a worried wife – and reinvented the business as a full-service salvage-and-rebuild operation, steadily earning Pick-A-Part’s excellent reputation through hard work, an emphasis quality and continual reinvestment in the company. Now, the second generation of Fragnolis have moved into ownership roles, maintaining a consistent commitment to quality while advancing the evolution of the company.

Renamed and refocused for the next three decades, Cleveland Pick-A-Part has become Cleveland Power & Performance, reflecting the company’s emphasis on high-end, customized performance vehicle rebuilds and top-quality parts distribution across the globe. Under the banner of Cleveland Power & Performance, we will continue to provide the same service, craftsmanship and honesty that you’ve known for more than 28 years. Add to that an expanded scope of work that includes substantial capabilities in custom rebuilds, drivelines and chassis, classic car restoration and retrofitting, rebuildables, donor car sales and service, and much more.

Cleveland Pick A Part - then and now

Cleveland Power & Performance service and dismantling facility – then and now.

Cleveland Power & Performance office and sales center – from trailer to modern office building!

Cleveland Pick A Part Salvage Auto Parts Storage

Cleveland Power & Performance Storage Facility – then and now.

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