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The Power & Performance Difference


We make sourcing a drive line for your project as stress free as possible.


Here at Cleveland Power & Performance, we take the extra steps to insure that our customers get exactly what they want and need. Our honesty, communication, and presentation is what sets us apart from all of the other outfits within our unique industry.  We appreciate the business of every single customer who shops with us. When a person is buying a used driveline, they must have trust in the company that they are dealing with. We do everything we can to instill faith in each and every person we speak with. The most effective and simplistic way to do this is to follow the old adage… Honesty is the best policy.


Transparency is invaluable in our industry and is 100% necessary when sourcing and selling used drive trains. It seems rather obvious that it is of no benefit for a business to be anything but honest with their customers. Unfortunately at times customers who have been deceived or blatantly stolen from contact us for assistance when starting their entire driveline sourcing process over. It is easy to be open and honest with a customer, and is the only way business should be conducted. Here are a few examples of how Cleveland Power and Performance maintains transparency in our industry by taking steps that are often overlooked


  • We do not present, promote, or display drivelines that we do not have in our facility.
  • We do not use any file photos or fabricated information
  • Our salesmen do not work on commission, thus avoiding “high pressure sales”
  • We ALWAYS give as much information on the vehicles that our drivelines are removed from. The most important aspect of this is presenting customers with the correct VIN from the vehicle. This is unfortunately an often over looked but invaluable and easy to obtain piece of information. We matched the VIN on each and every engine that we sell to verify that it matched the car it was removed from. Again, this is not standard procedure for most outfits in our industry but is an EXTREMELY important aspect of selling a used driveline.  
  • A lit mileage picture is included with every sale, and a Carfax report is available as well.  A copy of title with corresponding matching vins is available as well 
  • We will not sell any driveline without fully inspecting, run testing, and triple checking everything included with the sale. All engines are carefully disassembled, engines/transmission are inspected, and if no issues are found THEN we offer a package for sale. 



There are many other ways in which we differ from the other vendors offering the same products we do, but the above mentioned points are a must to consider when sourcing your driveline.  We also believe in a thriving free market and that customers can shop with whomever they want, however we are confident enough in our products, procedures, and presentation that we stand above all others in our industry. The cherry on top is that we are all car guys and gals here. We all have our own personal projects and we sincerely enjoy working with all of you, across the globe and are honored to be a part of your build.  





-The Cleveland Power & Performance Team-