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Wrecked Hellcat



Wrecked Hellcat – Sourcing them, testing them, transplanting them to breathe new life into classic Mopar.



Cleveland Power and Performance is proud to be the leading supplier of Hellcat drive-lines to the worldwide hotrod community. We have sourced several dozen wrecked hellcats from around the country with the intention of stripping them down, leaving only the goodies behind, to aid rest0 modders and hot-rodders all over the world. As you will see, a wrecked Hellcat can make for the perfect donor!


Each and every motor and transmission are inspected and run tested here at our facility. They are all backed by our standard warranty  Before we start each engine, we remove the spark plugs and hand turn the engine over to make sure that no oil has passed the rings. Every engine receive a compression test, vacuum test, oil pressure test, and a C0 test.We inspect the transmission by draining and inspecting the transmission fluid. We check for any debris or foreign material. If any problems are found, the transmission will be torn down for inspection and repaired as necessary. We treat each and every driveline like it were to be used in one of our builds, insuring that the customer gets a quality product that is ready to perform at full potential for years to come.

Make sure to check out or Wrecked Hellcat arrival page HERE to stay up to date with all of the Hellcats we receive.


The ultimate goal when purchasing these wrecked Hellcats is to provide a hassle free turnkey pallet just like these…



Take a look HERE for a full details on how we prepare an offer our Hellcat turnkey packages.

Occasionally we receive wrecked Hellcats that have sustained less damage than we anticipated. These cars deserve a second chance to be driven! They are offered as repairables or as donor vehicles for a Mopar resto-mod.



Many of the wrecked Hellcats that we have purchased, have been featured and mentioned in a variety of media outlets. Here are some honorable mentions. 




 wrecked hellcat challenger



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As expected, the drive lines that we are removing from these wrecked Hellcats are being used to power some incredible custom vehicle. Here is a glimpse of the awesome Hellcat swaps our customers are creating.